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FSImp v2.80 has been released, see download

Free monthly keys now available, see free keys

Compatability between FSImp and Windows Vista (also Windows 7?), see compatability

What ? What can FSImp do ?
  • Display ADD-ON static sceneries designed for MSFS in X-Plane
  • Display AI traffic designed for MSFS in X-Plane
  • Integrate you fully with AI traffic using VFR and IFR SIDs/STARs/HOLDs/APPRs
  • What version of X-Plane is required ? Windows PC 6.70+ (the arrival of X-Plane plugins)
    What version of FS is required ? None!
    What versions of FS sceneries are supported ? Any mix of 98 2000 2002 2004
    What do the results look like ? Screenshots
    Who ? Who wrote FSImp ? Padraic Morgan with the XPSDK
    Why ? Why FSImp ? To give X-Plane users access to FS sceneries and FS designers access to X-Plane users
    When ? When will FSImp be available for the MAC ? As soon as I have the time to make the right contacts
    Where ? Where can I report bugs, get support, discuss or add ideas ? Follow the forum or use the contact page
    Where can I get documentation ? The download contains English and German docs. These are also available on-line here
    Where can I get FSImp ? FSImp can be downloaded from here
    How ? How much does FSImp cost ? You can see the payment charges and methods for a personal user key here, and also free keys

    FSImp plugin for X-Plane