FSImp - Free Keys!

I have decided to issue free keys each month.
Here is a free key for versions 2.60 to 3.20 for the month of May 2012 (052012)


The key allows you unlimited use of FSImp for versions and month indicated.

This software key is like FSIMPversion,mmyyyyxxxx=number.

Please note the following:

  • The software key is not case sensitive - you may enter any mix of upper and lower case
  • It is relatively short since it must be typed in
  • There are no space characters in the key
  • All the characters of the key, including any zeros, must be typed in
  • There is a , (comma) after the version part
  • X-Plane usually exits if the character @ is typed in, so the key replaces this with a %
  • The version and number parts are numeric and contain only the characters 0 to 9 (zero to nine)
  • Be careful not to type in O (oh) or l (ell) instead of 0 (zero) and 1 (one)
  • Some X-Plane add-ons (Topflight MD-90 ?) may intercept keystrokes and prevent you from using the shift key
    Use your key as follows ...

  • Run X-Plane
  • From the Plugins menu select FSImp
  • From this menu select the Setup dialog
  • Type in the key that you received by email at the User key edit field
  • Press the Apply button
  • If the key is entered correctly and the version is accepted then the number part is displayed as *************

    See parameters and setup dialog

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    FSImp plugin for X-Plane