FSImp - Download

It is advised to use the most recent version of FSImp as it is tested with older and recent versions of X-Plane.

Newer versions can be simply installed on top of existing ones.

  • existing parameters settings will be taken over by the newer versions.
  • new parameters will be defaulted
  • scenery.cfg will be scanned again automatically
  • cached tiles will be deleted and regenerated automatically

    Thank you to all of you who have purchased an FSImp user key. If your user key does not support the latest version, or you do not have a user key, then FSImp will run in demo mode and stop showing bitmaps after 20 minutes. The FSImp user key contains the final version number of FSImp that it supports.

    Version Date Changes X-Plane OS Download
    2.80 30 Nov 2008 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP280WIN.ZIP (5.57 Mb)
    2.60 5 Oct 2008 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP260WIN.ZIP (5.63 Mb)
    2.16 21 Feb 2007 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP216WIN.ZIP (5.50 Mb)
    2.15 27 Dec 2006 changes 6.70+ Windows Removed FSIMP215WIN.ZIP (5.21 Mb)
    1.95 19 Jan 2006 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP195WIN.ZIP (4.58 Mb)
    1.75 09 Jan 2006 changes 6.70+ Windows Removed FSIMP175WIN.ZIP (2.69 Mb)
    1.22 16 Apr 2005 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP122WIN.ZIP (2.62 Mb)
    1.21 24 Mar 2005 changes 6.70+ Windows Removed FSIMP121WIN.ZIP (2.69 Mb)
    1.20RC1 25 Feb 2005 changes 6.70+ Windows Removed FSIMP120RC1WIN.ZIP (2.69 Mb)
    1.05 09 Dec 2004 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP105WIN.ZIP (3.67Mb)
    1.00 20 Nov 2004 changes 6.70+ Windows FSIMP100WIN.ZIP (3.66Mb)

    changes 2.80

  • Bug fix - sometimes crashed when changing Visuals->Airport->Runway sync
  • Improvement - blends lighting textures with day textures at night (usually AI aircraft)
  • Bug fix - copes with changes in X-Plane runway approach lighting numbering :-(
  • New feature - uses the language attributes when selecting voices for traffic
  • Improvement - detects when spken text has completed
  • Improvement - minor changes to ATC phraseology
  • New feature - generates localised registrations for traffic
  • Improvement - better placement of some types of taxiway lights
  • Improvement - blue/green taxiway lights scaled by Visuals->Airports->Lights factor

    changes 2.60

  • Compatability - (X-Plane 8.62+) cope with new APT.DAT files
  • Compatability - (X-Plane 8.40+) replace runway lights if necessary
  • Compatability - (X-Plane 9) file formats and file folders
  • Bug fixed - Fly Quick Route buttons in traffic->Plan only worked at airports with AFCAD files (AF2_icao.BGL)
  • Bug fixed - some objects showed skywards spikes (dual core CPUs)
  • Bug fixed - STAR speeds increased
  • Bug fixed - some AFCAD airport taxiways were not displayed
  • Bug fixed - some psuedo holding patterns were not at a waypoint
  • Bug fixed - sometimes failed to generate taxi path for traffic
  • Bug fixed - occasionally used wrong model scale factor (eg KONT2006)
  • Improvement - Changed some conflicting frequencies in traffic\cntr\usa.txt
  • Improvement - better interpretation of PMDG SID/STAR files
  • Improvement - choice of active runways (wind, length, approach lights)
  • Improvement - approach now uses 1st-come-1st-released with multiple stacks
  • Improvement - tower commands runway exit more quickly
  • Improvement - more worldwide definition files in traffic cntr folder
  • New dialog - select airport with ICAO and Name filters, click any line to select
  • Location menu - Airport entry to select and goto an airport
  • New feature - monitors availble Windows physical memory, warns, discards tiles
  • New feature - supports FSX RIFF BGL files
  • New feature - supports FSX DDS format textures
  • New feature - supports FSX AFCAD BGL airport files
  • New feature - can play FSPassengers cabin crew add-on files
  • New feature - more pushback interaction
  • New feature - more transponder (squawk) codes issued and monitored
  • New feature - runway lineup simplified when small offsets to lineup position
  • New feature - traffic flight tab has parameters for your current flight
  • New feature - co-pilot interaction: speaks, performs, warns, briefing
  • New feature - incrementally interpret scenery.cfg on adding/activating sceneries
  • New feature - traffic holding pattern taken from STARs in PMDG format files
  • New feature - teardrop, parallel and direct entry to traffic holding patterns
  • New feature - separate tower controllers when two runways are in operation at an airport
  • Traffic plan tab - select airports
  • Traffic plan tab - goto airports
  • Traffic plan tab - SID and STAR buttons can override automatic selection
  • Traffic plan tab - new start buttons
  • Traffic plan tab - you/others button

    changes 2.16

  • Bug fixed - possible crash when traffic not enabled
  • Bug fixed - DSF building extrusion and forest polgons interpreted as mesh elevations
  • Bug fixed - merged seaports (record 16) onto preceeding airport in APT.DAT
  • Performance - reduced the number of heap memory allocations
  • Performance - read in the names of files in traffic\sidstar only once
  • New feature - after a while the co-pilot reminds you to tune an ATC frequency
  • New feature - after a while the co-pilot reminds you to contact a new ATC controller
  • New feature - co-pilot gives you hints about using the ATC microphone
  • New feature - traffic active tab has callsign, distance and frequency filters

    changes 2.15

  • Tested up to X-Plane v8.50
  • Bug fix - some ground textures were repeated where this was not wanted
  • Bug fix - some large ground models (usually VTP) disappeared near tile borders
  • Bug fix - better GMAX scenery interpretation
  • Bug fix - some transparent bitmaps were shown as black
  • Bug fix - selected a random opaque colour sometimes instead of a translucent one (glass)
  • Bug fix - VTP polygons now use bitmaps->Repeat m if needed
  • Bug fix - flat items now displayed in the correct order when they overlap tile borders
  • Bug fix - some polygons were not shown, sides of buildings missing
  • Bug fix - airports were no longer available after pushing the traffic dialog Restart button. Scenery is automatically reloaded to work around this.
  • Bug fix - traffic files with non-sequential aircraft list produced no traffic
  • Bug fix - some traffic with low cruise speed in aircraft.cfg did not take off
  • Bug fix - listen button on the traffic dialog active tab did not work if the aircraft was on a centre frequency
  • Bug fix - traffic->airport circuit direction and AGL were ignored after restarting X-Plane
  • Bug fix - traffic holding pattern curves were drawn too long in FMS
  • New dialog - editor allows you to select, move and hide models drawn by FSImp
  • New dialog - user aircraft allows you to set the size of your aircraft
  • New feature - scenery and bitmaps can be loaded using a thread, performance->Household thread
  • New feature - recognises more tpyes of object libraries
  • New feature - obstruction navigation beacons supported
  • New feature - enable/disable X-Plane openGL lights
  • New feature - viewer rotated polygons supported
  • New feature - viewer rotated polygons also used for edge, centre line and obstruction navigation lights
  • New feature - single pass BGL processing
  • New feature - random traffic will not reselect a model that once failed
  • New feature - processes traffic files that are part of sceneries
  • New feature - recognises more traffic aircraft models (eg CFS2)
  • New feature - user aircraft dialog pops up to allow you to set Local Y offset m with a slider
  • New feature - traffic is allowed to taxi along non-active runways
  • New feature - if you jump to another season then bitmaps are loaded quickly
  • New feature - option to regenerate scenery on change of season
  • New feature - traffic->ATC->Radio noise adds radio static during transmissions
  • New feature - interprets STAR-TRANSITION-APPROACH records in PMDG format airport text files
  • New feature - loads the tile for the user destination airport earlier - better STARs
  • New feature - loads and holds the destination tile in the traffic->Plan tab
  • New feature - traffic->Active->Advance jumps the selected aircraft to its current target
  • New feature - traffic->Plan->Advance jumps the user aircraft to its current target
  • New feature - traffic->Plan->Info shows the selected airport in the airport tab
  • New feature - traffic only keys
  • New feature - multiple and/or modulated ATC voices
  • New feature - runway selection based on wind direction
  • New feature - traffic can use sound files of ADD-ON FS aircraft
  • New feature - visuals dialog now uses tabs
  • New feature - sceneries->gototeleports your aircraft to the selected scenery
  • New feature - recognises duplicate photo scenery tiles and chooses the higher scenery layer
  • New feature - user aircraft landing lights projected onto terrain
  • New feature - traffic aircraft landing lights projected onto terrain
  • New feature - traffic aircraft landing and taxi lights visible
  • New feature - AFCAD parking positions floodlit at night
  • New feature - generate all local traffic after teleporting
  • New feature - traffic aircraft landing and taxi lights visible
  • New feature - CPU percent usage (X-Plane+plugins+plugins) displayed in message and debug windows
  • New option - visuals->Terrain->Show VTP lines option major
  • New dialog - kneeboard for route, aircraft and other infomation
  • New feature - traffic->Plan->Route generates a flight plan in the kneeboard
  • New feature - traffic->Active->FMS copies the FMS of the top aircraft into the X-Plane Flight Management System
  • Bug fix - sceneries with exaggerated absolute elevations misinterpreted
  • Bug fix - scenery exclusion accidently excluded photo scenery areas underneath
  • New feature - permanent file error.txt for reported errors
  • New feature - use the Hello button on the traffic microphone to request startup and taxi

    changes 1.95

  • Tested with X-Plane v8.30
  • Bug fix - Active checkbox on the sceneries dialog
  • Removed shipping info from payPal payment
  • New feature - compressed bitmaps
  • New feature - Random VFR traffic
  • New feature - Heli VFR traffic
  • New feature - More support for seasonal bitmaps
  • New feature - looks for DSF files in subfolders of Resources\default scenery
  • New parameter - Raise airport since 8.20+ sometimes elevates airport terrain (visual)
  • New parameter - Calculate spherical (performance)
  • New parameter - Show LWM land (visual)
  • New parameter - Show LWM water (visual)
  • New parameter - Show Vector for textured roads/rivers etc (visual)

    changes 1.75

  • Tested with X-Plane v8.11
  • Bug fix - some bitmaps appeared black
  • Bug fix - some models duplicated (German Airports GA3 static aircraft)
  • Bug fix - some bitmaps from library objects were not found
  • New parameter - visulas->Photo show nm
  • New parameter - visuals->Photo focus nm
  • New feature - changing visuals->Runway sync no longer reloads tiles
  • New feature - objects culled even at extreme pitch angles
  • New feature - sceneries dialog button Folders reloads info from scenery.cfg
  • New feature - sceneries dialog button Tiles reloads tiles
  • New feature - sceneries dialog display and sort modes
  • New feature - setup dialog has easy access to most important parameters
  • Reprogrammed VTP lines to look better and interpret faster
  • New feature - uses runways definitions in AFCAD BGL files for synchronisation
  • New feature - visuals->show VASI options - none left right both
  • New feature - faster reaction when X-Plane pauses to load tiles
  • New feature - cache a selected scenery in advance (sceneries dialog)
  • New feature - cache all sceneries in advance (sceneries dialog)
  • New feature - delete all caches (sceneries dialog)
  • New feature - planned and random AI traffic using FS aircraft
  • New feature - you can chase or fly AI traffic with your aircraft
  • New dialog - traffic with sub TABs
  • New dialog - message.txt
  • New feature - Show AFCAD does a better job of separating AFCAD/non-AFCAD items
  • New feature - debug dialog scrolls
  • New feature - up to 25 tiles loaded
  • New feature - smaller cache sizes for photo sceneries
  • Bug fix - duplicated objects from multiple AFCAD files for the same airport
  • Discovery - Windows functions FindFirstFile() FindNextFile() are terribly slow (up to 100ms for 1 file!)

    changes 1.22

  • Tested with X-Plane v8.04
  • Bug fix - crashed when using the default FS2004 terrain.cfg
  • Bug fix - photo terrain bitmaps with alpha (transparency) not shown

    changes 1.21

  • Tested with X-Plane v8.04, automatic workarounds for system crashes
  • Bug workaround - visuals->Replace terrain available again
  • Bug workaround - perfromance->GL Quads automatically disabled above XP 8.00
  • New feature - bitmaps loading algorithm modified
  • New feature - cache deleted and regenerated when certain parameters change
  • Removed parameter - bitmaps->Day scale R G B %
  • Removed parameter - bitmaps->Gamma R G B
  • New parameter - bitmaps->Colour R G B (sliders)
  • New parameter - bitmaps->Dist select nm
  • New parameter - operations->Warnings wait s
  • New parameter - operations->Warnings show s
  • New warning - FPS too low
  • New warning - using performance->GL Elements above X-Plane 8.00
  • New warning - using performance->GL Quads above X-Plane 8.00
  • Rearranged dialogs a little

    changes 1.20

  • This is a release candidate. Please report any major bugs as soon as possible before it is released as 1.20. Thank you.
  • Important - FSImp ground override does not work with XP800
  • Important - FSImp does not work with XP8.03
  • Important - FSImp works with XP8.04
  • Important - only uses up all the time slice to reach the target FPS if there is actually work to do
  • Bug fixed - granulation is better giving smoother FPS
  • Bug fixed - loads bitmaps more intelligently
  • Bug fixed - VRAM usage not always correctly calculated
  • Bug fixed - black borders on textures removed
  • Bug fixed - some BGL models not detected (SimFlyers KDFW, taxiways on the East)
  • Tested with X-Plane v8.04, automatic workarounds for system crashes
  • Bug workaround - performance->Replace terrain always set to No above XP 8.00
  • Bug workaround - perfromance->GL Element lists automatically disabled above XP 8.00
  • New feature - supports MDL9 (FS9 2004) format BGL files.
  • New feature - supports AFCAD format BGL files for airport definitions.
  • New feature - fewer rocket-like launches after teleporting or after loading a tile.
  • New feature - initial support for ADDON Vector Terrain Polygons (VTP) sceneries
  • New feature - initial support for ADDON "photoreal" terrain sceneries
  • New feature - near bitmaps are kept at high resolution for longer
  • New feature - supports compressed R8/nAF format bitmap files (usually static aircraft)
  • New feature - supports X-Plane (v8) DSF scenery format to get elevation data
  • New parameter - bitmaps->day scale R G B %
  • New parameter - bitmaps->gamma R G B.
  • New parameter - visuals->show AFCAD
  • New parameter - visuals->show photo terrn
  • New parameter - visuals->runway display
  • New parameter - visuals->skidmarks
  • New parameter - visuals->taxi bitmap
  • New option - visuals->smooth Auto
  • New dialog - operations, parameters that control interaction with X-Plane
  • New dialog - all, scrolling list of all available parameters
  • Rearranged dialogs
  • Context sensitive help for dialog items
  • The numbers of bitmaps per tile is no longer limited
  • Large screenshots images are no longer in the download ZIP file

    changes 1.05

  • Important - now uses up all the time slice to reach the target FPS. This allows FSImp to load sceneries/bitmaps and do its calculations more quickly. However it is more important in v1.05 to specify your target FPS rates using the performance dialog. The default frames per second targets may be too low for your system and are as follows
    16 FPS in the air
    12 FPS on the ground
    6 FPS when paused
    4 FPS when loading after teleport
  • Bug fixed - some models from neighbouring tiles shown in current tile (VisualFlightLondon)
  • Bug fixed - some models exploded into horrible forms (VisualFlightLondon)
  • Bug fixed - failed to interpret some files (Jylland2002)
  • New parameter - show all polygons of models within a radius (Dist show all m)
  • New feature - changing the parameter Use cache causes sceneries to reload
  • New feature - disabling the parameter Use cache causes cached tiles to be deleted from disk

    changes 1.00

  • First release
  • The numbers of bitmaps per tile is limited to 1024

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