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PROBLEM: FSImp does not interpret any sceneries

  • The installation may not have worked
  • Is FSImp correctly installed, as described in install, especially the position and structure of folders ?
  • Is the setup okay ?
  • Look at the next problem ...

    PROBLEM: FSImp does not interpret some sceneries

  • There may be syntax errors in scenery.cfg especially if you do not have FS
  • Local= paths may be incorrect in scenery.cfg (typos)
  • Are there ADD-ONs for the tiles in question
  • It may take a while for any visible signs of conversion. On changes to "scenery.cfg" FSImp generates a list of all potential ADD-ON BGLs. This conversion may take a considerable time depending on how many ADD-ONs you have and how many of those areas have Active=TRUE
  • Do you have ADD-ON sceneries for the tiles in question ?
  • Look at the file FSImp\srclist.txt. It should contain a list of all potential sources. It is regenerated when the scenery.cfg file changes. Do the entries look reasonable?
  • Look at the file FSImp\message.txt. It should contain a list of messages from the plugin. Anything strange ?
    Does this mention any syntax errors starting with SCENERY.CFG: ?
    If there are errors then they should be corrected, and then saved.
    Note that the scenery.cfg syntax is faily strict. Each area MUST start with a different [] and MUST then have ALL three lines Local= Active= Layer= in any order. Usually the and Layer=xxx are the same number xxx. Exclude= lines, if present, may now appear. Other lines are ignored.
    Is there mention of No BGLs found for area ..., layer ... ? This indicates that the folder for this area has no suitable BGL files. Does this folder exist ? Is there a spelling mistake at Local= ?

    PROBLEM: Taxiways/aprons not present or are incomplete

  • Some ADD-ON sceneries do not replace the taxiways.
  • Some ADD-ON sceneries use wierd ways to describe taxiways. Not all will be identified as taxiways.
  • If local runways are not synchronised and displayed by FSImp then taxiways are not displayed. visual dialog

    PROBLEM: Taxiways, 3D models not aligned with runways

  • Maybe the ADD-ON scenery does not replace the taxiways and/or runways and relies on the default FS files. In such cases, since FSImp only converts ADD-ONs, there is no information to synchronise everything.
  • Look at the file FSImp\message.txt. It should contain a list of messages from the plugin. Were Runways detected ?
  • Are the Runway sync mode and Runway move parameters defined. See visual dialog

    PROBLEM: Models have a simple greyish texture

  • Some texture files were not found. Make sure that ADD-ON FS sceneries are properly installed. Make sure that the FS main TEXTURE folder is present and it contains any necessary ADD-ON shared FS textures (VOD NOVA etc). These are available for download from many internet sites. See sceneries
  • Some texture files have an unknown format.
  • When the demo times out, it shows all models in a simple grey colour. See registration

    PROBLEM: Sceneries merged on top of each other.
    FSImp merges all candidate files to generate a tile. ADD-ON FS sceneries use an exclusion system when one file, or folder, wants to replace models. You must ensure that an ADD-ON scenery is correctly added to scenery.cfg, especially layer= (priority) and any exclude= lines after the area. ADD-ON README files usually give an example or say if such lines are needed. Copy out the example and paste it into scenery.cfg. Sometimes a text XCL file has an example area definiton in it.

    PROBLEM: Frame rates (FPS) are too low

  • The Debug Dialog can be of use.
  • Does it mention anything in the top line ?
  • Note the FPS rates when FSImp is displaying nothing - turn off the Draw checkbox. If the FPS are now low, then it will be difficult to get good FPS rates when models are drawn on top.
  • Check other sources for information on X-Plane frame rates (rendering options, autogen, weather, ...).
  • See performance dialog

    PROBLEM: You want to install a new or existing version X-Plane

  • Go to your present X-Plane Resources\plugins folder.
  • Make a copy of the file FSImp.XPL and folder FSImp.
  • Install X-Plane
  • Paste the file and folder in the new X-Plane Resources\plugins folder.
  • Alternatively re-install FSIMP using install .

    FSImp plugin for X-Plane