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The steup dialog allows access to parameters which are essential for locating ADD-ON FS sceneries.

Scenery.cfg A file which tells FSImp where to look for any ADD-ON FS sceneries. The scenery.cfg file contains information on available ADD-ON sceneries. The path of this file is used as the FS main folder and also locates the common FS TEXTURE and AIRCRAFT sub folders. FSImp allows you to use a file with any name and folder location.

If you have any version of MSFS installed then use the Browse... button to locate this file which is in the main MSFS folder. This can be used directly and should need no special modifications for FSImp.

If you do not have any version of MSFS installed then use the NOFS button to locate the example file which is in the X-Plane...\Resources\plugins\FSImp\NOFS folder. This is a sample with two simple demo areas - a few generic buildings near EIDW and KSLC. It gives you an idea of the syntax for ADD-ON sceneries and may be used for adding new ADD-ON sceneries. See sceneries Alternatively you can use the Browse... button to locate a scenery.cfg file that you have created yourself.

Should the Browse... button not work, for some reason, then you can type in the full filename for your scenery.cfg file.
User key A personalized software key which switches FSImp from demo to normal mode.

This software key looks like FSIMPversion,name=number.

Please note the following:
  • The software key is not case sensitive - you may enter any mix of upper and lower case
  • It is relatively short since it must be typed in
  • There are no space characters in the key
  • All the characters of the key, including any zeros, must be typed in
  • There is a , (comma) after the version part
  • X-Plane usually exits if the character @ is typed in, so the key replaces this with a %
  • The version and number parts are numeric and contain only the characters 0 to 9 (zero to nine)
  • Be careful not to type in O (oh) or l (ell) instead of 0 (zero) and 1 (one)
  • If you press Apply and the key is entered correctly and the version is accepted then the number part is displayed as *************

    Keep your personalized software key safe as it may be needed again

    Note that if the demo mode timeout has been reached and you enter a valid key, then FSImp will run in normal mode next time X-Plane is started. See registration
  • Air FPSFSImp attempts to maintain this FPS rate when in the air (flying). Too small makes flying unresponsive, too large may not be attainable and sceneries will not be displayed.16
    Ground FPSFSImp attempts to maintain this FPS rate when on the ground (taxiing etc).12
    Scenery density The scenery density can be selected between very sparse and very dense, or auto. Each ADD-ON FS scenery decides for itself which models to show depending on the scenery density. When Auto is selected FSImp dynamically sets the density depending on frame rates.v.Dense
    Traffic Active %Controls what percentage of flight plans, from traffic files, are to be activated0100100
    Advanced Menu Allow an advanced plugins FSImp menu. Most FSImp menu items are blanked out when this option is not selected.noyesyes
  • A profile is a subset of parameters
  • A profile can be saved in a file in the FSImp\profiles folder
  • You can select a profile filename using the button
  • Pressing Apply or OK will load the parameters from the selected profile file
  • The Save As button allows you to save some current parameters in a profile file
  • FSImp can automatically load a profile when you get close to an airport using its ICAO name
  • For example, if you have a profile called FSImp\profiles\egll.txt it will be loaded when you near EGLL (London-Heathrow)
  • If an airport profile is loaded and you leave the airport area then FSImp will load the last non-airport profile used
  • The Save icao button allows you to save some current parameters in a profile file for the nearest airport
  • Change some values as needed
  • Press the OK button to apply changes and close the dialog
  • Press the Cancel to close the dialog
  • Press the Apply button to apply new values

    FSImp plugin for X-Plane